Friday, March 15, 2013


I have been fighting off a monster cold all week.

I'm so sick of this weather and the fake out warm sunny days. 

I need consistency. I'm ready for consistent weather, health, work...

Does the feeling that you are always in transition ever go away? 

I have a job where I plan the future for people. I'm really good at thinking ahead. But am I missing what is right here, right now?

It has always been a struggle for me to focus on my life right now and stop thinking about the next best thing. 
In high school, I thought about college, in college I prepared for my career, after I got my job I focused on falling in love with myself, when I felt I knew who I was I focused on finding love, now that I found love I think about marriage, when I'm married will I start thinking about kids? 

I feel like I wish away the present in the hopes of a bright future. Instead of focusing on what I have right now...I always want for more.

So beginning today I am going to live in every moment I get to share with my family, Sean, his family, my nephew, my friends...not on the future things I will share with them. I will constantly thank God for everything he has blessed me with each and every day.

And to think...I began this post about a cold.

Have a lovely weekend Friday :)


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  1. Amen sista. Had a similar thoughts the other day!