Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thirsty Thursday

Remember in college when Thursday was the BIGGEST bar night?!

Thursday afternoon would consist of texting my girlfriends deciding where we would go for the debauchery. 

We knew how to keep it REAL classy when we first turned 21.  We had a love affair with a place called Rick's American Cafe. 

Rick's had a little thing called $3 Thursday's - we DOWNED $3 long islands (it's a mystery why I gained weight that year) - danced our lives away to the music of Jedi Mind Trip and just overall made a lot of memories.

I'm sure you think the American Cafe title makes this bar sound acceptable. 

It's not. 

Don't do it gal.

Anywho...I am very experienced with this whole idea of Thirsty Thursday and thought every Thursday I could share a new cocktail with all of you. So cheers! It's a new Whitney Brooke tradition!

Speaking of traditions...Christmas. Yeah I know it's over but it's my favorite and I am just obsessed in love with it!

It's a time for celebrating with the ones you love. For as long as I can remember we would go to church on Christmas Eve and head over to Charley's Crab for a delish dinner.  We would then come home open gifts, drink champagne and eat dessert.

Sister, Me, Mama on Christmas Eve

A few years ago my sister and I decided to add 'drink martinis' to the list of traditions

Yes, traditions. Because Christmas ain't Christmas without a little booze.

The first was the plain old chocolate martini and it has evolved since then.  We made s'mores martinis and cherry martinis, but this one is the Chocolate Peppermint. 

It's so simple and so good and so much fun to make! 

Well unless you are sans cocktail shaker.  Then you think you are smart with your homemade to glasses shaker. 

No, not smart. Messy. is the yummy recipe. MAKE IT. Christmas in January??

Chocolate Peppermint Martini

Serves: 1

2 oz Vanilla Vodka
1 oz Peppermint Schnapps
2 oz Godiva Chocolate Liquor
Splash of heavy cream
2 Candy Canes, crushed
1/4 Chocolate Syrup


Place candy canes in a plastic bag and smash with a mallet of a heavy bottomed pot. Once crushed pour on a small plate and pour chocolate syrup onto a small plate as well.  Dip martini glasses in chocolate syrup and then into candy canes. 

Drizzle chocolate syrup around the sides of the martini glass and chill in the fridge overnight. You can serve them right away, but I like to let the syrup set up in the fridge.

Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously and pour into chilled martini glasses. Enjoy! :)

Slightly adapted from: Cooking with Sugar

Lars was so totally over us after a few of these...

Merry Christmas?

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