Thursday, January 31, 2013


It's been a few days since I've posted anything so I wanted to give a little update! Thanks to Lauren at Calm Delight for the idea. Enjoy! :)

Listening to: Gary Clark Jr. - If you haven't heard of him I command you to listen!! :) He is amazing...blues, rock, R&B...and the guy plays guitar like nobody's business.

Watching: Game of Thrones. I am trying to catch up before Season 3 starts in Feburary...I'm already through Season like 2 days. I may have woken up at 3am last night watched an episode on my iPad and went back to bed. Judge me.

Happy with: My choice to join Around this time last year I joined Match and met the love of my life last April. He has been there for me at the most uncomfortable times...going to the ER because I had food stuck in my throat...taking me to the dentist on a Sunday because I knocked my teeth out on the microwave...I mean doesn't that happen in every relationship?!! I've always been skeptical to rely on anyone but he has consistently shown me that he won't let me down and that makes me feel loved. 

Annoyed by: My teeth. I'm an idiot and somehow managed to screw up a couple of my front teeth...they look fine, but are temporary and SUPER annoying. I am wearing my retainer. At work. Humiliating.

Mad about: Snow. Snow. Snow. Rain. Thunder. Lighting. Snow. Snow. MAKE UP YOUR MING MICHIGAN. Ugh.

Eating: Soup and yogurt. I can't bite anything because of my teeth. I attempted to eat this delish grilled cheese I made for RGP and myself (think: apples, bacon, gouda) yeah I had to bite it with the side of my teeth. Savagery. 

What about you? What are you currently up to? 



  1. I am currently laughing... not at you but kinda. The thought of you biting a sandwich with the side of your mouth and wearing a retainer is killing me. I needed a good laugh today. Thanks Whit :)

  2. Whit! Your retainer update just made me LOL. I feel for ya girl!