Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Peanuts & Alcohol

This is my older sister, Britten.

Yeah...living up to that is fun.

She is gorgeous, fun, and my best friend. She has always been my biggest supporter. I am so proud of the woman she is and feel lucky I get to call her my sister.

This is her beautiful family.

Uh. Yeah. They are real. Seriously.

Lars (the dog) looks a little shocked because he is about to have a brother tomorrow. And I am about to become WGA. World's Greatest Aunt.

Tomorrow will be spent at the hospital anxiously awaiting the arrival of the most perfect baby on the planet.

Seriously...look at them. The kid is gonna be a model.

I'm so excited to hold the little peanut and snuggle and love and kiss him!!! AHHHHH. 

But the second thing that is exciting me the most is my sister being able to consume alcohol again. I know, shocking coming from me.

Before she got herself knocked up, Britten liked to party.

The wine glasses might have been as big as her head, but she will slam it.

But now that she is like this...

Drinking is not really considered acceptable.

She may have her occasional glass of wine with thousands of ice cubes to make it 'last longer'.

She has been a very responsible pregnant and stuck with the St. Julians. 

Oh hey 5th grade New Year's Eve where we pretended to get drunk. I'm just kidding that never happened (nervous laughter).

We have all rubbed it in her face a little bit. 


 Especially my boyfriend and her husband.

That's not weird at all.

But really we are all just excited for our little peanut to be here...and maybe to celebrate with a little champagne that my sister smuggled in her hospital bag.

Congrats Britten and Brad! Love you both!

Can you believe he's gonna wear these?!!!!!! I can't take it.




  1. St. Julians is NOT for the faint of heart. That shit will eff you up. ;)

    Can't wait for that handsome man to be here. You will be the WGA and Britty is gonna be the WGM.


  2. TOMORROWW!!!!!!!! Gah, so excited!

  3. You'll be a great Aunt Whit! Hope all goes well tomorrow :)